What is Maca and why is it an Essential Ingredient in Eroxel?

Maca root has many superfood sex benefits, including boosting libido and improving erectile dysfunction. This natural aphrodisiac is a great option. What is Maca? Maca (pronounced mahkah) is a maca root. It grows only in Peru’s mountains and at high altitudes. Our maca comes from 18,000 feet above the sea level. It is Continue Reading

Eroxel: How can it increase your Potency?

What is Maca? A natural miracle drug or a natural enhancement to your sexual experience. Maca, a Peruvian Andes plant, was used hundreds of years ago by the Incas. Maca powder is high in essential amino acids, Omega3 fatty acids, and valuable antioxidants. It also contains plant steroids that are very similar Continue Reading

How can Eroxel, thanks to its Ingredients, help you to fight against Impotence?

Maca is the secret herbal weapon of the Andes of Peru. A type of cress that grows in high mountains has been around since the time of the Incas. It forms a root tuber. This root is what is believed to do wonders. According to some, the tuber is extremely nutritious and Continue Reading