Reviews from Elisabet (36) – VANEFIST NEO

VANEFIST NEO caps are healthy, filling and delicious!!

I lost about 7 pounds in 28 days. I am humbled because this is the most success I have had with a diet product! For a month I was very overweight, but since then I have lost a few pounds every fortnight.I don’t feel any hunger pains or withdrawal symptoms – a real bonus.

It was great to see my dress size go down a size every week and the size of the trousers I had been wearing without being able to get into them was close to a size up to my waist.

Now, for the first time in years, since I was a child, I can put on all the clothes I lost through my “Dietary Supplement” days.

Then there are the experiences in the first few days when people notice that you have lost some weight. It is very likely that you are losing body fat, not just weight off your body. These are the experiences I will share with you.

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There are also Food Diet to make the caps work better:

The morning banana diet

In the morning banana diet, you eat two bananas, one for breakfast and one as a snack, with the same amount of sugar. You can eat different fruits every day, whenever you like, as long as you don’t have more than two bananas.

You need to make your own meal plan so that you eat the different types of food at the same time every day. You can have as much soup as you like, except on the days when you don’t have breakfast or lunch, you can have more soup if you are really hungry.

You should do this for 14 days without stopping and consult a doctor first if you have any medical problems. You don’t want people to notice that you have changed your eating habits. So be discreet.

You can replace the bananas with different fruits and vegetables so that you always have a balanced diet. I lost almost 40 pounds with this diet. I wanted to lose weight because I was bored and because I wanted to feel better.

I tried VANEFIST NEO for the first time and loved it. I couldn’t believe how full I felt and I expected it to be fattening because I had eaten so much bread before.

The constant weight loss motivated me to succeed. I need to re-evaluate my eating habits as I need to lose more weight.


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